October 23, 2019


Kata Coaching Dojo Training: How to become a world-class Coach

In this 1 day training you will learn how to improve your ability to coach teams for continuous improvement and outstanding results and how to train others in doing so.

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Establishing continuous improvement to reach strategic targets is a common goal and even a crucial necessity for most organizations. Many companies have implemented lean tools and problem-solving techniques like A3 and PDCA and push improvement through workshops and projects.

Despite these efforts, progress is often slow, improvement arbitrary and often results not sustainable. Why is this the case? Consider the following:

  • Tools and methods are often implemented by internal or external consultants and therefore either not understood or rejected by the teams
  • What works in a workshop not necessarily works in everyday operation – it would need to be continuously adapted and improved
  • Priority of daily business often overrules the improvement effort.

To succeed, we need to increase the priority of continuous improvement and make it part of everybody’s daily work and, at the same time, increase peoples ability to problem solve, adapt and innovate.

We can do this, by establishing a coaching management approach:

  • Coach to improve peoples ability
  • Coach to improve A3 problem solving
  • Coach to make lean tools work and help people to adapt them to their processes

But how do you become an outstanding coach yourself–and how do you train others?

The Coaching Kata, a set of 5 questions, offers a good starting point, which many managers have been practicing over the last years. Never the less, learning to coach and apply it in different everyday situations is difficult and often slow.

Speed up your learning process with the Kata Coaching Dojo

The Kata Coaching Dojo is a hands-on training method that provides you with a reliable approach for developing the skills described above. The idea is to establish a Kata Coaching Dojo with a set of exercises at your company so you and other coaches within your organization can hone their coaching skills regularly.

The Kata Coaching Dojo consists of a series of exercises which you can repeatedly practice in an offline environment. The Kata Coaching Dojo creates a safe and effective practice environment.

Using the Kata Coaching Dojo coaches can practice and learn how to adapt to different situations by asking deepening questions and go beyond the starter questions of the Coaching Kata.

From this training, you will walk away with…

  • Greater ability to evaluate your coaching conversation and recognize situations that need intervention.
  • An understanding of how to react to various situations.
  • Enhanced quality of your coaching by using deepening questions beyond the Coaching Kata starter questions.
  • A training concept you can establish within your organization or team to continuously practice and improve the ability of coaches.

This training is for…

  • Managers that want to increase their ability to coach their teams for continuous improvement and outstanding results.
  • Lean facilitators and trainers that want to enhance priority, effect and sustainability of problem-solving methods such as A3 as well the impact of Gemba Walks and Shopfloor- and Huddle Meetings.
  • External and internal trainers responsible for increasing managers ability to coach.
  • Toyota Kata Practitioners that want to take their coaching ability to the next level and dig deeper into the power of the Coaching Kata.
  • Human Resources Executives striving to establish coaching as a core management behavior.

Meet the facilitators

The Kata Coaching Dojo training method was developed by Tilo Schwarz. Together with Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg and he will facilitate this training.  They will be supported by further certified Kata Coaching Dojo Trainers to attain maximum hands-on practice for every participant.

Tilo Schwarz is a management coach who supports organizations and managers to lead change and continuous improvement successfully. Between 2006 and 2012, being plant manager at Festool, a German power tool manufacturer, Tilo, and his management team introduced Toyota Kata as a management pattern for coaching continuous improvement. As a result, Festool won the A.T. Kearney competition ”Plant of the Year” and came in second in the ”Industrial Excellence Award” given by WHU/INSEAD. Tilo has also written three books about Kata, for example The Toyota Kata Memory Jogger. You can find out more about Tilo on www.TiloSchwarz.com.

Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg have more than 25 years of experience supporting lean transformations in organizations from manufacturing, service, public sector, and healthcare. They have worked with long-term change projects in more than 70 projects in over 15 countries, for example with Tetra Pak, Volvo Cars and Newbody. They work closely with Mike Rother and have developed several trainings together.

Practical details

Limited number of participants to ensure hands-on practice. Bookings will be handled first come first serve.

Location and venue: Gothenburg, Sweden, at Hotel Waterfront on Adolf Edelsvärds Gata 10.
Date & time: October 23, 2019. Coffee is served from 8.30am. The program starts at 9.00am and will finish at 4.30pm.
Price: SEK 6000 plus 25% VAT.
Language: English.
Questions? Please talk to Pia Anhede, pia@anhede.com, +46705438048.

Register for the Kata Coaching Dojo Training

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