Webinar – Breaking down the silos between Supply chain planning and Execution!

Webinar hosted by CSCMP Roundtable Sweden, Logistikföreningen Plan, and Infor.

Supply chain management has gained increasing attention, not least due to the Covid 19 pandemic but also due to the rapid growth of online sales.

At the same time is the magnitude of disruptions unprecedented. Demand either skyrocket or disappear, supply of critical raw material and component is highly uncertain, and the transport sector is struggling with severe imbalances.

Supply chain professionals turn to their existing solutions, be that ERP systems or other planning tools, and ask themselves if they are “fit for the job”. How do You tackle this new reality, and are the “tools” in your existing toolbox still capable to do the job?

In this webinar, we like to offer a perspective on the planning challenges companies today are facing. The panel of experts discuss truly new challenges to planning, how these can be addressed, and suggest ways how to overcome them.

About the presenters:

Richard van der Meulen
VP Solution Consulting Strategic Edge Solutions EMEA at Infor. Richard is passionate about helping organizations with complex Supply Chain challenges with a focus on global Trade and Logistics. Over the last 20 years Richard has worked with leading organization in both the manufacturing and retail industries supporting cloud based digital transformations. Richard holds an MBA from London Business School
Pelle Olsson
Head of Supply Chain Center of Excellence & Account Executive at Capgemini Nordics. Pelle has a background as Supply Chain Manager for EM Home Interior and Business Area Manager within the IKEA Group. Pelle has over 25 years of experience within Supply Chain domain, with focus on Sustainable and Digital Supply Chain. He is truly passionate about Business and People – Together! Business development and supply chain processes have been his core expertise, with change management as his most important tool. He works towards creating an environment for others to succeed – within the business and among the people.
Raul Portela
Raul has 20 years of experience in the retail sector across different industries such as food and apparel and footwear. Consulting and Supply Chain and Logistics complete Raul’s other professional experiences. Prior to joining Alteri Investors he was Chief Operating Officer of Helly Hansen, Global Head of Logistics and Fulfilment at Triumph and Director of Operations, Europe with Burberry. Raul has worked with and lived in a number of different companies and countries globally.  Raul holds MBA’s from London Business School and Columbia Business School.
Patrik Jonsson (moderator)
Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management at Chalmers University of Technology. Patrik comes with many years of experience in researching and teaching in the field of supply chain planning across several industry sectors. His area of specialization includes demand management, inventory management and sales & operations planning. He has authored textbooks and published more than 50 academic journal articles on these topics. Currently he serves an associate editor of several leading academic journals in the field, including the International Journal of Operations & Production Management and the Journal of Business Logistics.


14.00–14.05 Welcome Håkan Balcker
14.05–14.10 Introduction of today’s topic by the moderator Patrik Jonsson
14.10–14.25 Presentation of today’s panelists and panelists opening statements Patrik Jonsson and Panelists:
Pelle Olsson
Rickard van der Meulen
Raul Portela
14.25–15:00 Panel discussion including live QA with the audience Patrik Jonsson and Panelists
15.00–15.05 Closing, 3 take-aways for our listeners Patrik Jonsson and Panelists
15.05-15.10 Thank You and Closing Håkan Balcker

More information

Date: 2021-12-09, kl. 14.00 – 15.10
Place: Webinar, (the webinar will be held in English).
The webinar is free of charge for members of Plan and/or CSCMP
Non-members pay: 300 SEK
Students pay: 150 SEK

The link to the webinar will be sent out the day before the webinar starts.

Register before 8/12.

Contact: Håkan Balcker or Logistikföreningen Plan


Registration - Webinar, Breaking down the silos between Supply chain planning and Execution!

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The seminar is the first in a series of three, with yet another webinar planned for February 2022, and an in-person seminar end of March 2022. Whereas the first seminar is focused on Supply chain planning challenges the second webinar will focus on enabling technologies. Finally, the closing seminar in March will not only offer an outlook on emerging trend in the supply chain planning sphere but also offer great networking opportunities.

The webinars and the closing seminar are arranged by CSCMP Sweden Roundtable in collaboration with PLAN, and with Infor as the sponsor of the events. The purpose is to advance the supply chain management profession, personal development, and extending the participants’ professional network.


CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) is the leading global non-profit association for logistics & supply chain management professionals. The organisation provides opportunities for supply chain professionals to communicate in order to develop and improve their supply chain management skills. Spread around the world it has 9 000 members in 72 countries from all disciplines within the supply chain management profession, nearly 70% of our members are key decision makers at the executive level.

CSCMP collaborates with the logistics association Plan in Sweden and arranges 3-4 Roundtable (RT) events per year.

Please visit www.cscmp.se or www.cscmp.org, www.plan.se for more info.