Lean Talks with Gert, Joakim och Pia

September 3rd 2021, 10.00-12.00

In this Lean Talks we get to listen and talk with Martin Lyckström from Scania.

Demand to Cash – Balance the entire supply chain by connecting Market and Production in a way that has never been done before.

Our guest in this Lean Talk is Martin Lyckström, senior vice president Demand to Cash. He will talk about Scania’s latest approach to increased focus on customer and profitability.

Demand to Cash is a new role and focus area within Scania to be able to take the next step in a synchronized and efficient Supply Chain. In Lean and TPS, the word ”heijunka” is often mentioned, and it is usually translated as levelling.

The application of it is done in many different ways. The most common application is to even out an order queue so that production has as even a load as possible.

This reduces variation which is one of the biggest cause of waste, inefficiency and creates several consequential problems which in the end leads to lower profitability.

Scania has taken the application of levelling much further. They start levelling before there is a queue of orders, ie they focus on having demand and capacity that match each other. To do this a lot of proactive collaborative work is required between production and the market.

Now Scania have a couple of years of experience of this way of working and the results are amazing. Scania is about to succeed with ”Heijunka”, leveling, for real!

Talk Lean with Us!

Lean Talks is a series of webinars. We listen to a presentation together, ask questions to the presenter and then we reflect, analyze and discuss from our studio. The chat will be open at all times so your questions will guide the topic of the conversation.

The three hosts and panel for Lean Talks are Gert, Pia and Joakim:

Gert Frick is a former Director at Volvo Cars Manufacturing system. Gert has also been CEO of the Japan Management Association and Vice President at Scania with overall responsibility of the Scania Production System (SPS).

Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg have been consultants for over 25 years with a focus on the implementation of lean. They have experience from long-term lean transformations in a wide range of settings from heavy industry to service industry, parliament, healthcare in over 16 countries.tio länder. Pia och Joakim är civilingenjör från Chalmers och Joakim har en MBA från Insead.

Date and price

Next: September 3rd 2021, online.
Time: Kl. 10.00-12.00.
Price:  300 SEK excl VAT.

This webinar is in English. The link to the webinar is sent out the day before.

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