Proper Document Digitalisation-A critical success factor in a modern supply chain

The recent pandemic brought into sharp focus the vulnerability of many supply chains, with companies being forced by disruption and uncertainty to rapidly re-structure by switching suppliers, carriers, and – in some instances – even the very products they manufacture.  This in turn has frequently led to a struggle to establish visibility as freight has flowed through the network, whether that freight might be raw materials, components or finished goods. 

These visibility challenges relate not just to the physical freight itself, but also to the documentation that accompanies it together with the establishment of right of title on the journey from origin to destination. All too often a container might turn up whilst the documentation is still somewhere in transit, leading to confusion and inefficiency, and increasing the likelihood of fraud.  With disruption set to continue, companies need to find a better way of working.

In this session we will hear how the trade and transportation ecosystem is being digitised without the need for a complete makeover of existing solutions and processes. This digitalisation will enable the visibility, efficiency, immutability and immediacy that is necessary to match the demands of the modern supply chain.


Dominic Regan, who has been with Oracle since the acquisition of G-Log in 2005, is Senior Director in EMEA for Oracle’s Logistics Applications. These encompass transport, warehousing and global trade, as well as the Internet of Things Fleet Monitoring and Intelligent Track & Trace applications. In this role, Dominic works directly with Oracle’s Product Development and Strategy teams, as well as with customers, partners and prospects who use, or are interested in using, these products.  Dominic has been involved in supply chain software since the late 1980’s.

Göran Almgren – Co-founder, board member and head of new markets at Enigio. Göran holds a MSc in Computer Science and he has a long background from management, product development and sales within the financial industry. Göran’s competence ranges from archival science, DLT, cryptography to financial products and banking.  Enigio is a deep-tech company  founded 2012 in Stockholm which is offering innovative solutions to ensure consistency, integrity, traceability and possession of digital information making data available only to those who should have access to it while protecting it from manipulation.

Dr. Roger Lindau is Senior Adviser in SCM at Oracle. Prior to his role at Oracle Roger spend more than 30 years in SCM, both as management consultant and as manager in manufacturing companies. Roger is a frequent gust lecturer both in Sweden and the USA. He is also involved in research project in the Nordics.

Member of the board at PLAN.



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Global transportation and its challenges
Tying the physical and document flow together – Drastically reduce your administrative lead-time

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Date: 15 Mars 2022, 09:00-11.00 AM CET
Place: Webinar.

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Contact: Roger Lindau

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