Lean Talks with Gert, Joakim och Pia

2nd of December 2022, 14.00-16.00

In this Lean Talks we are visited by John Shook.

John is one of the more knowledgeable persons in the Lean world. His journey in lean management started while working for Toyota in Japan and the US, helping it transfer its way of working from Japan to NUMMI and subsequently to other operations around the world. While at Toyota’s headquarters, he became the company’s first American kacho (manager) in Japan. As co-author of Learning to See, John helped introduce the world to value-stream mapping and in Managing to Learn, he describes the A3 management process as the heart of lean management and leadership. John is the Chairman of the Lean Global Network and Senior Advisor, Lean Enterprise Institute.

In this webinar we will have a dialogue with John on how to create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

To start of the dialogue our host Joakim Hillberg will share for about 15 minutes what he sees are key building blocks of continuous improvement.

The rest of the session will be an open discussion where John, Pia and Gert will reflect and share what their views are; what key elements are missing or do they have a totally other thinking on the subject. We will also bring in questions from you who are participating in the webinar.

Talk Lean with Us!

Lean Talks is a series of webinars. We listen to a presentation together, ask questions and reflect, analyze and discuss. The chat will be open at all times so your questions will guide the topic of the conversation.

The three hosts and panel for Lean Talks are Gert, Pia and Joakim:

Gert Frick is a former Director at Volvo Cars Manufacturing system. Gert has also been CEO of the Japan Management Association and Vice President at Scania with overall responsibility of the Scania Production System (SPS).

Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg have been consultants for over 30 years with a focus on the implementation of lean. They have experience from long-term lean transformations in a wide range of settings from heavy industry to service industry, parliament, healthcare in over 16 countries.

Date and price

Next: 2nd of December 2022 online.
Time: 2 pm-4 pm CET.
Price:  440 SEK excluding VAT (about 40 euro).

This webinar is in English. The link to the webinar is sent out before logging in. We use Zoom as our platform.