CPIM part 1 (BSCM) certification review training

This certification review training is focusing in helping the participant to cover the APICS Body Of Knowledge for the first CPIM certification test in the most efficient way possible. The training includes many different tools and approaches to allow the students learn the Body of Knowledge and to prepare for the certification test. It therefore allows and supports many different learning modes.

  • We have 4 full day instructor lead sessions using presentation material and class exercises.
  • We have distributed these days over 2 sessions consisting of two days each.
  • We offer two follow up Webinar sessions where we cover some homework and allow for questions to the instructors after the sessions are concluded.
  • The instructor is available at the end of each session time period to help with issues and answer questions. The instructor will also review the progress of the students and do recap of essential learnings points.

The focus in this certification review training is to ensure that the students make the cut, that means succeeds in the APICS certification test. The blended learning style is the most efficient way to enable the student to reach the needed level of proficiency.  This puts requirements on the participants:

  • College/university or vocational education with several years of experience in operations management. The student should be well acquainted with the Body Of Knowledge.
  • The training is a short cut to attaining the CPIM designation. If in doubt whether you have the correct pre-hand knowledge please catch up attending Logistikföreningen Plans other training offers.
  • English reading and speaking skills (the training is conducted in English, the study material and exams are written in English).
  • High degree of self-motivation to read and to do appointed exercises between sessions.
  • The training fee includes both the study material, learning system, instructor support and guidance, numerous quizzes and pre-tests, AND the admission for APICS CPIM Part 1 certification test value $690. Participating in the training without planning to do the certification testing is not allowed.

Price and schedule

Included in price

Online learning system + printed course book (value $575), 4 days physical workshop luncheons and dinner included, instructor support and mentoring, and Exam credit (Value $690).

In this training fee both the learning system and Exam credit is bundled together with one included exam re-take opportunity free of charge (potential value $250). The student need register as an APICS/ASCM plus member before or parallel with applying to do the certification test. This membership fee of $180 is not covered by the training fee. Logistikföreningen Plan will help with the administration of registering as an APICS/ASCM member and registration for testing.


Practical experience of planning and / or theoretical knowledge at the lowest secondary level in planning / production management.

Course material

The course is conducted in English and the course includes course materials and compendiums in English, which the participants must take advantage of before the course days. Participants are expected to use computer support to monitor their own progress in a Learning Management System.

Course materials, lunch and coffee are included in the course fee.

Travel and accommondation are not included.


2 + 2 days
Next course start,
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Price (number of days before start)
>31 27 000 SEK or 2700 Euro
0-30 29 000 SEK or 2900 Euro
All prices excluding VAT.

Content and outline

MODULE 1: Basics of Supply Chain Management

Business-wide concepts

  • Organization Fundamentals
  • Operating Environments
  • Matrix Product/Process
  • Financial Fundamentals
  • Manufacture Resource Planning
  • Just-In-Time
  • Total Quality Management
  • Impact of Environment on System Design and Deployment

Demand Planning

  • Marketplace-Driven
  • Customer Expectations and Definitions of Value
  • Customer Relationships
  • Demand Management and factors influencing Demand
  • Forecasting Models

Transformation of Demand into Supply

  • Design for transformation process
  • Sale & Operations Planning
  • Capacity Management
  • Planning (purposes, inputs and outputs)
  • Execution and Control
  • Performance Measurements

Supply Planning

  • Inventory Management
  • Functions of Inventory
  • ABC analysis
  • Economic Order quantity
  • Purchasing & Supplier Relationship
  • Physical Distribution System

Course material

During the course the official and most recent English course material is used:

  • CPIM Part 1 on-line learning system platform
  • CPIM Part 1 learning system course book printed reading material
  • CPIM student printed copy course powerpoint slides

APICS online learning system:

  • Online exam questions and module specific tests
  • Online glossary
  • Concept tests (e-flashcards)
  • Online study guide
  • APICS CPIM practice exams and reports to be able to analyze the results
  • Download course books for e-reader or tablet
  • Study planning tool based on a knowledge test
  • App: online dictionary


The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) course is a broad operations management course developed for professionals who want to gain knowledge about the following subjects:

  • Production management
  • Inventory management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Planning
  • Demand management
  • Quality control
  • Strategy development from a business perspective

APICS Certified in Production & Inventory Management

APICS CPIM, Certified in Production & Inventory Management, is the international certification that distinguishes experts in Production and Inventory Management, in the broader context of Supply Chain management: for over 60 years, the CPIM credential has identified an elite of professionals who every day take decisions that are critical for the performance of their firms.

Suitable for

The APICS CPIM is designed for professionals wanting to affirm their knowledge about production and inventory management.

The designation is of great value for:

  • Management team members involved in sales and operations planning
  • Material managers responsible for the planning of available material
  • Sales employees who are partially responsible for forecasting and/or demand management
  • Operations managers who want to manage their organization on the basis of clearly defined rules
  • Master planners responsible for the production planning
  • Project managers responsible for projects to improve information and/or optimization of a production function
  • Application Administrators responsible for the implementation and/or the functional management of ERP systems


APICS CPIM brings many benefits for both you as an Operations management professional and for the employer.

Benefits operations management professional:

  • Improving and updating your knowledge of production and inventory management
  • Conducting more accurate forecasts
  • Getting recognition from colleagues and within your industry

Benefits employer

  • Increased efficiency of processes in your organization and distribution chain
  • Streamlining corporate activities by an effective layout of information flow
  • Higher profitability by optimizing inventory levels
  • Optimization of the return on investment (ROI) for corporate systems and technologies